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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is our highest priority, achieved through the following principles:
All Mervi Ltd. produced products comply with all legal standards. Suppliers are selected based on strict criteria in order to guarantee continuous high quality. It is the company’s ongoing endeavour to improve the quality of its products and to optimise its expertise.
Because of its experience and technical knowledge, Mervi Ltd. is able to offer its clients the most suitable packaging materials and solutions for their packaging problems.
Extensive technological knowledge of machinery and available packaging materials guarantee prompt and adequate solutions for constantly changing requirements and problems.
Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides complete management and ongoing supervision of the incoming and outgoing movements of our permanent stock. Our own distribution facilities provide maximum flexibility and prompt, just-in-time deliveries.
Permanent checks on our delivered products enable us to detect defects at a very early stage, if not avoid them completely.
Satisfactory customer relations and the in-house management of our stocks and logistics are the cornerstones of our operations.
The majority of our customers are in the food industry. Meat and meat processing take first place, followed by the trade in pre-cooked meals, dairy, baked goods, etc. The requirements of this sector are strict, and specialised knowledge is of paramount importance, since the quality of the products must be guaranteed at all times.
A small group of our customers is from the non-food sector. Here too, vacuum packaging has its applications in specific product packaging.
The development of the products and the deliveries comply with all HACCP-standards.
All the products’ necessary, most recent reference files will be made available on first request.
All delivered products are suitable for direct contact with food.
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